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Ready to sell your home?

Selling your home is a big decision, both financially and emotionally, which is why it is important to choose someone you can trust as your listing agent. We believe using a REALTOR should make your selling process easier and as stress-free as possible.

When you list your property with Professional Realty, you can be assured of reliable, personal service. Whether you are selling a home, land, vacant lot or commercial property, Professional Realty will represent you and work for your best interest throughout the selling process.

Seller Tips!

Get top dollar and sell quickly without wasting money!

The first impression is a lasting impression so follow these guidelines to maximize the selling price and shorten the selling time.

Curb appeal – you need good landscaping and good outside appearance. Plant flowers, shrubs and trees. This does not have to be elaborate but does need a clean, well-kept look.

Structural concerns – repair any foundation problems, replace rotten boards, repair damage by termites and other insects, and paint any unpainted wood.

Wash exterior when dirt and/or mold is present and caulk/paint as needed.

Paint interior when needed and repair obvious wall damage.

Decorate in a conservative, uncluttered manner – It is better to have to rent a storage facility and remove clutter than to have prospective buyers see the mess. It is difficult to get a feel for a room with distracting décor or clutter.

Make your home “anonymous” by removing family pictures, since you want prospective buyers to picture themselves in your home, not you! This gives them an “open canvas” to envision their use of the property.

Replace appliances and electrical fixtures if they break.

Should you remodel or “make over” your entire house when selling? A good rule of thumb is “no”, since it is unlikely you will get your investment back right away.

You may need to paint the interior if colors are vastly outdated or in really bad shape, but for the most part, prospective buyers would rather pick their own colors and style.

Understand that a buyer may not even like a new floor you just put down or the wallpaper you put in the bathroom, so they see it as still in need of attention, where you were anticipating at least getting your money back or even making a tidy profit.

If you must replace flooring in your home, never buy pure white ceramic tile, vinyl or carpet and go with more earthy neutral tones so a buyer will not look at the improvement as a liability.

While it is tempting to do-it-yourself to save some money on a project, make sure you seek help when needed because sometimes a bad repair is worse than the original issue!

For most homeowners, it is difficult to know what repairs are necessary to get your house sold. A Professional Realty Agent can explain in detail how to make smart decisions about getting your property ready, which will make it sell faster and at top dollar!

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