Buyer Resources

Looking for a new home?

It is important to have good representation when buying a new home. From searching for properties to the last signature, Professional Realty can ensure your buying process is as hassle-free as possible.

Considering buying a new home from a builder? Use a REALTOR! It costs you nothing more to have someone in your corner since fees are paid by the seller, not you! It only makes good sense to use someone with experience when negotiating your deal with a builder.

We have access to the entire MLS so you can be sure you have access to all properties available in the areas you desire. In our initial consultation, we like to know what is important to you and your family when considering a community and home, which helps us find the right match.

When the time comes to negotiate and work out the details, we can keep the process on the right track and within your budget, while making sure all the angles are covered. This means you can relax and know that a Professional Realty Agent is working for you.

Save time and money!


Even though you could drive all over the place or spend hours online looking at properties, you shouldn’t! Our agents have access to the entire MLS database of available properties so you don’t have to waste any time. Best of all a realtor can give you an objective view of a property since your happiness is paramount.

You need someone in your corner when approaching a seller and it costs you nothing to use a REALTOR to represent you since all fees are paid by the seller!


Research areas you want to include in your search and focus on the things that are important to you and your family, such as schools or shopping. Confirm your research with your Professional Realty agent since they are the experts on these communities!

Also list those elements important to you regarding house requirements. Consider total size needed, but more importantly the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, garage/storage space you would like to have.


Before you spend too much time looking for a house, you should get pre-qualified with a financial institution of your choice. Shop around for the best rates and when you find a good deal, get the rate locked until you can close on a home.

Your Professional Realty agent can help you decide which deal will be best for you and help guide you through some of the pitfalls.

This will make sure you know what your spending limit is, saving you time when looking at properties. The process also makes you aware of your down payment requirements which can help determine whether this is the right time for you to buy.

Determine your payment tolerance. Just because you are approved for a certain amount does not mean you have to spend it all! You may not want the monthly payment associated with the larger loan amount, so be sure to limit your search for properties that keep you within your budget!

Ask questions! Be sure you understand the process and lean on your Professional Realty agent! Negotiating the deal and working through the fine details are where our agents shine, so once you have made the decision to buy, relax and leave the details to us!

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